Simeone Pancreatic Cancer Research Lab

“There’s traditionally been a nihilism surrounding pancreatic cancer because it is so deadly. People are often afraid to discuss their diagnosis. They don’t want to tell others what kind of cancer they have. We really need to change that.”
—Dr. Diane M. Simeone

Welcome to the Simeone Pancreatic Cancer Research Lab

We are a clinical research laboratory studying pancreatic cancer stem cells, which are known to drive tumor initiation and metastasis, and are particularly resistant to treatment with chemotherapy and radiation. We believe targeting this subpopulation of cells is essential to a cure for Pancreatic Cancer.

Our lab is an integral part of the newly established Pancreatic Cancer Center at NYU Langone. Our unique program combines expertise from various departments and disciplines to deliver leading-edge, evidence-based approaches in a personalized way to every patient as well as simultaneously supporting the basic science and translational research laboratories that study fundamental biological process and new therapeutic approaches to understand and treat pancreatic cancer.