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Immunological synapse formation
Coordination of the immune response by chemokines
Biophysics of adhesion molecule interactions
Regulation of LFA-1 activation
In vivo imaging of T cell migration and activation
In vivo imaging of antigen-presenting cells and innate immunity



Supported Planar Bilayers for the Formation of Study of Immunological Synapses and Kinapse (videotape by J. of Vis Exp staff featuring M. Dustin & S. Vardhana)

Microcluster tracking with planar bilayer (credit: R. Varma & G. Campi)
naïve 5c.c7 TCR transgenic T cell labelled on LFA-1 with H155 Fab interacting with DC expressing CD80-eCFP (credit: S. Tseng & J. Waite)
LysM+ cell extravasation and vascular leakage in LCMV meningitis (credit: J. Kim)


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