Ben Bartelle

PhD Graduate Student

Contact Information:

Lab Phone: 212-263-7261

Education & Training:




New York University School of Medicine


PhD Candidate in Structural Biology




University of California Santa Cruz


BS Biochemistry/Molecular Biology




Sentigen Biosciences


Research associate creating new tools for Molecular


Pharmacology, including the Tango™GPCR assay system




Cold Spring Harbor Labs


Molecular biologist, Arabadopsis Sequencing Consortium

Research Interests:

I am using Protein Engineering and Synthetic Biology methods to create new genetic reporter systems for Biomedical imaging. My work goes from system design using Bioinformatics databases to trials in cell culture, to in vivo expression in mice. Building new tools for imaging allows us see new aspects of the biology of development and pathology as they happen, in vivo.

Current Projects:

An enzyme/substrate system that displays biotin on the surface of a cell. This system is expressed in the vascular lumen and serves as an in vivo marker for angiogenesis. The biotin tag is compatible with avidinated agents for any imaging modality.

A reporter gene for MRI that generates T1 weighted contrast by localizing paramagnetic manganese. Several iterations of this system have been proven in cell culture and in vivo trials are underway.

Ben Bartelle’s Publications:

Bartelle BB, Berrios CA, Friedland AE, Turnbull DH. (September 2009).
Transgenic mice for multimodal imaging of angiogenesis. Proceedings of the World Molecular Imaging Congress

Bartelle BB, Turnbull DH. (April 2008).
MntR, an MRI reporter provides cellular T1 contrast without Mn supplementation. Proceedings of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 1307

Bartelle BB, Deans AE, Turnbull DH. (May 2007).
A new MRI reporter gene: An Mn binding protein  produces T1 weighted cellular contrast. Proceedings of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 3215.