Sagittal in utero UBM image of an E11.5 mouse embryo.

In utero 2D (left) and 3D (right) MRI of an E17.5 mouse embryo heart.

3D MRI of the head and brain of a P5 mouse neonate.

3D MRI of the vasculature of an E11.5 mouse embryo.

UBM showing a 4 chamber view of the heart of an E12.5 mouse embryo.

UBM-guided injection of the E13.5 medial ganglionic eminence.

3D UBM of the head and cerebral ventricles of an E13.5 embryo.

Segmented 3D MRI of the cerebellums of P21 wildtype (top) and En12 mutant (bottom) mice.

40-kHz sound evoked activity map in the P21 inferior colliculus via Mn-enhanced MRI.