Shoppable Services

NYU Langone is committed to price transparency and to helping you understand potential costs for your medical care so you can make the best choices for yourself and your family. In compliance with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations, we offer machine-readable files with standard charges, including payer-specific negotiated charges, for 300 shoppable services provided by NYU Langone.

A shoppable service is a service that a patient can schedule in advance. These services are routinely provided in nonurgent situations, allowing you to learn more about the costs of services before receiving them. Examples of common shoppable services include imaging and laboratory services, medical and surgical procedures, and outpatient doctor visits.

Disclaimer: Shoppable Services

It is important to remember that charges for these shoppable services do not reflect or represent the actual out-of-pocket cost a patient pays for these services. The actual out-of-pocket cost you pay as a patient may vary depending on the clinical services provided; the actual procedure performed; your specific insurance plan, if you have one; the location where you received services; your eligibility for financial assistance, and other factors. 

In order to understand the full impact of patient financial responsibility, you can coordinate with your insurance company after your provider has identified the procedures likely to be performed, or call us at 212-263-1481.