Thomas Thesen, Ph.D.


Dr. Thesen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Houston College of Medicine. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology and a member of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at New York University School of Medicine. He is the former founding director of NYU ECoG, a center for the study of cognition in patients with brain implants.

Dr. Thesen received postdoctoral training at the Multimodal Imaging Laboratory at the University of California at San Diego after completing his doctoral degree in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and the Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB) at Oxford University.

Dr. Thesen’s research interests are in cognitive neuroscience and neurological disorders, especially epilepsy. He also conducts research in medical and STEM education.

Dr. Thesen teaches medical students and is the director of the preclerkship Nervous System course at UHCOM. He also is a PI and Director of STEM RISE, an NSF-funded outreach and STEM pipeline program for students underrepresented in medicine.

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