Contact Information


Directions to the Lab and Office:

Dr. Edward Ziff

Professor of Biochemistry and Neural Science
NYU School of Medicine

Ed’s office phone: 212 263 5774
Lab phone: 212 263 5939
Lab Fax: 212 263 8214
Ed’s cell phone: 917 723 8075

Office and Laboratory:
Molecular Neurobiology
Skirball Institute
5th Floor, Labs 1 and 2
NYU School of Medicine
540 First Avenue
New York NY 10016

    Come to NYU School of Medicine at 31st Street and First Avenue. Enter and go to the Reception Desk and ask for Ed Ziff, in the Skirball Institute, Molecular Neuroscience, 5th Floor. They will direct you to an elevator, which you will take to the 5th floor. When you exit, walk to the double glass doors, which will be locked. Call the lab at extension 3-5939 from the hallway phone and we will meet you. After passing through the doors, turn left and walk halfway down the corridor. We are located in Labs 1 and 2, on the left. For my office, turn left at the red “Fire Extinguisher sign”.