Robotic Mitral Valve Repair

Robotic Surgery for Mitral Valve Regurgitation

Mitral valve repair surgery is performed to correct a leaking mitral valve-a condition known as mitral valve regurgitation, which can cause heart failure. This procedure offers excellent long-term outcomes in terms of preserving heart function and longevity. The use of the da Vinci for mitral valve repair offers additional advantages: During traditional open-heart surgery, the heart is reached by cutting open the chest and dividing the breast bone. This median sternotomy approach requires a 10- to 12-inch incision through the sternal bone plus significant retraction to expose the heart. In a robotic mitral valve repair procedure, the surgeon operates through ½-inch port incisions made through the right chest wall, utilizing the magnified, 3-D view of the mitral valve provided by da Vinci high-definition camera. Major incisions are avoided and the sternum doesn't need to be cut. The avoidance of any major incision and retraction on the chest wall dramatically reduces the traumatic impact of the operation. As a result, patients recover more quickly, experience less pain, and suffer fewer complications. We think this is a major concern especially for the patient that does not experience many symptoms prior to surgery.

Robotic Mitral Valve Repair at NYULMC

Over the past two decades, NYU Langone has been a world leader in developing minimally-invasive approaches to mitral valve repair surgery. We have performed more minimally-invasive mitral valve repair procedures than any other hospital in the country, and are currently one of just a few medical centers in the nation to offer robotic mitral valve repair. Our robotic surgical team includes Dr. Didier Loulmet, Chief of Cardiac Surgery, who performed with Dr. Alain Carpentier the first robotic mitral valve repair procedure in 1998, and is a leading pioneer in the development of robot-assisted cardiothoracic procedures; and Dr. Eugene Grossi, Director of Robotics Research, another leader in the development of minimally-invasive mitral valve repair, and one of the earliest investigators of robot-assisted mitral valve repair techniques.

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