Our research in the news:

“Neurologists identify potential biomarker of cognitive decline for earlier diagnosis of disease”: A report on our work on non-invasive MRI imaging of the brain’s gray-white matter boundary and how its integrity affects cognition.

“Neurologists develop software application to help identify subtle epileptogenic lesions”An overview of our  specialized computer software that allows us to detect subtle lesions in MRI scans.

“Brain study sheds light on language use”: A documentary TV report on our work with intracranial human electrophysiology:

The NYU Epilepsy Center and its doctors featured on the cover of Newsweek.

Dr. Gyorgy Buzsaki on a new technology for recording single neuron activity without penetrating into the brain:

A TV interview with Dr. Bijan Pesaran about bilateral distribution of speech function:

“Speech requires bilateral thinking” A recent paper in Nature from our collaborative NYU ECoG Group shows that sensory-motor transformation for speech occurs in both hemispheres.