Fengxia Liang

Associate Professor; Department of Cell Biology

PhD, 1996 Peking University, China

Light and Electron Microscopy




Contact Information

540 First Avenue
Second Floor
New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212-263-7644
Email: fengxia.liang@med.nyu.edu

The Microscopy Core provides a comprehensive range of light and electron microscope systems, image analysis software, and microscopy expertise for live cell, live animal, and fixed specimen imaging and supports studies that range in scale from tissue structure to molecular interactions. We provide consultation services on each individual project, sample preparation, imaging and image analysis, result interpretation, detailed hands-on training, maintenance and development of the instrumentation.

The Light Microscopy Core is fully equipped from conventional transmitted light, to multiphoton fluorescence, confocal and live cell-imaging systems. The Electron Microscopy Core provides a full service for sample preparation, ultramicrotomy, cryo-ultramicrotomy, immunolabeling, negative staining, rotary shadowing of macromolecules, morphological analysis, EM tomography and 3D EM analysis. The Microscopy Core also provides complicated but advanced correlative light and electron microscopy service which smoothly transfer project from light microscopy to electron microscopy.