MD Registration & Student Records at NYU School of Medicine

MD Registration & Student Records at NYU School of Medicine
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MD Registration & Student Records at NYU School of Medicine

NYU School of Medicine’s Office of Registration and Student Records handles the practical aspects of your medical education, including helping you with registration, academic records, course catalogs, and class schedules.

Our office provides you with information about our academic calendars; clerkship and elective and selective lotteries; the licensure exam; residency applications; and the resident matching process. You can also browse our full catalog of elective programs and request student services, including official copies of your transcripts and diploma. 

Academic Calendars

All NYU School of Medicine medical students complete our four-stage MD curriculum, but the start and end dates of each academic year, as well as scheduled recesses, may vary depending on your pathway. Our academic calendars provide information about important dates for all pathways.

Resources for Medical Students

As part of medical training, all students participate in standardized systems for securing residencies and fellowships, graduating, and completing the U.S. medical licensure process. The quick links below allow you to access internal resources and external resources from national medical organizations to help you accomplish these tasks.

Graduation Requirements for MD Students

Specific coursework and clerkship requirements are necessary to graduate. Learn more about our graduation requirements.

Graduation Policy

No candidate may be recommended for a degree until all required fees have been paid. NYU School of Medicine cannot be responsible for the inclusion in the current official graduation list of any candidate who pays fees after the first day of May, September, or January for degrees in May, September, or January, respectively. 

Following the payment of all required fees, and on approval of the faculty, the candidate will be recommended for the degree as of the date of the next regular meeting of the NYU School of Medicine Board of Trustees at which the awarding of degrees is a part of the order of business.

U.S. Medical Licensure Exam®

All medical students take the three-step U.S. Medical Licensure Exam®, or USMLE®, to demonstrate their ability to provide safe and effective patient care. Please note that receiving your USMLE® Step 2 Clinical Skills scores may take as long as three months. Be sure to schedule this exam early enough in your final academic year so that the scores are available in time to meet graduation requirements. Learn more about the USMLE®.

Electronic Residency Application Service® 

Submit residency applications and supporting materials through the Association of American Medical Colleges. Access the Electronic Residency Application Service®.

FREIDA Online®

Use the American Medical Association’s Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database Access System, FREIDA Online®, to search for residency and fellowship programs. Learn more about FREIDA Online®.

Visiting Student Application Service®

Apply for clinical electives at other medical schools with the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Visiting Student Application Service®, or VSAS®. Explore the application process for fourth-year away electives.

National Resident Matching Program®

Apply to first- and second-year residency positions at U.S. medical schools using the National Resident Matching Program®, or NRMP®, the process that all medical students participate in to match with a residency program. Learn more about the resident matching process

Arrears Policy

NYU School of Medicine reserves the right to deny registration and withhold all information regarding the record of any student who is in arrears in the payment of tuition, fees, loans, or other charges (including charges for housing, dining, or other activities or services) for as long as any arrears remain. It also reserves the right not to promote the student from one semester to another and to prohibit attendance at graduation in case of payment arrears.

Contact Us

The Office of Registration and Student Records is managed by Maureen Doran, director, along with Lori Andrade, Janet Montero-Diaz, Juan Ortiz, Carmen Vera, and Alice C. Wilson.

We are located at 550 First Avenue, suite G90, in the Medical Science Building. Contact the office at 212-263-5291, or fax documents to 212-263-5264.