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Health Technology About the Health Tech Hub

About the Health Tech Hub

The mission of the Health Tech Hub is to drive patient-centered, high-quality care through the development and application of world-class digital health innovations and technologies.


Advances in delivery science, information technology, and entrepreneurial science coupled with the rise of user-centered design, the ubiquity of mobile media, and venture capital investment have given rise to new opportunities.

Led by Sarah W. MacArthur, MD, director for digital health innovation, and Christopher H. Morris, MD, associate director for digital health innovation, our groups work in close and constant collaboration while each taking a unique perspective on harnessing these powerful new forces.

Together, our team is defining new models for quality care that are designed for the digital era.


As an academic medical center, NYU Langone is rooted firmly in its traditional tripartite mission: to serve by providing excellent clinical care; to educate through our nationally ranked medical school; and to discover by leading innovative basic, clinical, and translational research.

This mission is driven forward with the infrastructural support of NYU Langone IT (MCIT) Clinical Informatics, the Institute for Education in Medical Technology (IIME), and the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science (CHIDS).

MCIT Clinical Informatics

MCIT Clinical Informatics serves as the institution’s clinical information technology and operational backbone. It mobilizes the power of clinical systems, data, and technologies to enable practice transformation and improve healthcare by fostering collaboration and applying informatics principles.

Institute for Innovations in Medical Education

As one of the country’s leading medical education innovation institutes, IIME brings together educators, scientists, informaticians, and developers whose world-class innovations in computer-assisted instruction, technology-enhanced assessment, and learning analytics address complex challenges in medical education. IIME transforms teaching, learning, and assessment by applying the science of education and informatics, driving new models to support individualized learning. Informed by educational and clinical data, our teaching aligns with the evolving demands of medical practice, resulting in improved patient care.

Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science

CHIDS is a locus for collaboration among clinicians, researchers, educators, and administrators, who work together to redesign healthcare. CHIDS supports frontline innovation efforts and conducts healthcare delivery research, much of which has an information technology component. Through their Predictive Analytics Unit, they provide capacity for predictive modeling at NYU Langone to facilitate real-time clinical decision-making, increase operational efficiency, and build the foundation for a learning healthcare system.