Dai Lab

Wei Dai, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Environmental Medicine

Contact Info:

Address: 455 First Avenue, Room 803A, New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-263-5521
Email: Wei.Dai@nyulangone.org



Key Interests

Cell Cycle, Checkpoint Control, Mitosis, Genomic Instability, Carcinogenesis

Biographic Details:

Graduate Education: 1983-1988 — Purdue University  

Research Interests:

Progression of the cell cycle is tightly regulated in order to ensure that genetic integrity is maintained and genetic information is passed correctly to daughter cells. Extensive research over the past two decades has revealed the existence of important surveillance mechanisms (referred to as checkpoints) that regulate cell cycle progression. These checkpoints monitor specific cell cycle-related processes and block cell cycle progression until these processes are completed with high fidelity. Cancer results from damage to multiple genes controlling cell division or cell death. Aneuploidy is frequently present in many types of tumor cells. A loss of the spindle checkpoint function and/or deregulated mitotic processes can frequently lead to chromosomal instability and aneuploidy, a condition from which cells with an advantage for tumor growth will be selected. Therefore, studying the mechanism underlying the maintenance of cohesion of sister chromatids and centrioles has the potential for identifying new targets for suppressing chromosomal instability, as well as for rational designing of anti-cancer drugs. During the past decade, Dai laboratory has studied several important cell cycle/mitotic regulators including BubR1, Sgo1, and Plk3 using a combination of cellular, molecular and mouse genetic approaches. Studies from Dai laboratory have revealed that BubR1, Sgo1, and Plk3 play an important role in the maintenance of chromosomal stability and suppression of tumor formation.

Selected Publications:

Wang XX, Yang YL, Duan Q, Huang Y, Darzynkiewicz Z, Dai WSgo1 functions in centriole cohesion where it is mediated by Plk1 Developmental Cell,  2008 14:331-341.

Yang Y, Bai J, Shen R, Brown SA, Komissarova E, Huang Y, Jiang N, Alberts GF, Costa M, Lu L, Winkles JA, Dai WPlk3 functions as a tumor suppressor and is a negative regulator of HIF-1αCancer Research, 2008 68:4077-4085.

Duan Q, Chen HB, Costa M, Dai WPhosphorylation of H3S10 blocks the access of H3K9 by specific antibodies and histone methyltransferase: implication in regulating chromatin dynamics and epigenetic inheritance during mitosis. 2008, Journal of Biological Chemistry. 233:33585-90.

Huang Y, Yao Y, Xu H-Z, Dai WDefects in chromosome congression and mitotic progression in KIF18A-deficient cells are partly mediated through impaired functions of CENP-E. 2009, Cell Cycle  8:2643-9. PMID: 19625775

Xu DZ, Xu DA, Yao YX, Jiang X, Lu L, Dai W. Regulation of PTEN stability and activity by Plk3Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2010, 285:39935-42.

Xu DZ, Yao YX, Lu L, Costa M, Dai WPlk3 functions as an essential component of the hypoxia regulatory pathway by direct phosphorylation of HIF-1alpha. 2010, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285:38944-50.

Hu L, Liu L, Chervona Y, Yang F, Tang M-s, Darzynkiewicz Z, Dai W. Cr(VI) suppresses spindle checkpoint activation induced by microtubule disrupters through blocking cells at S phase. 2011, Cell Cycle, 10(14).

Xu D-Z, Dai WThe function of mammalian Polo-like kinase 1 in microtubule nucleation. 2011, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.  108:11301-11302.

Yang FK, Hu LY, Yu J-X, O'Connell CB, Khodjakov A, Pagano M, Dai WBubR1 is modified by sumoylation during mitotic progression. 2012, Journal of Biological Chemistry 287:4875-82.

Yang FK, Yao Y, Jiang Y, Lu L, Ma Y, Dai WSumoylation is important for subcellular localization and transcriptional activity of Sall4, an essential stem cell transcription factor. 2012, Journal of Biological Chemistry.  (In press)

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Lab Members:

Dazhong Xu  (Research Assistant Professor)
Feikun Yang (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Byeong Choi (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Agnese Restuccia (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Jing Zhou (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Yixin Yao (Ph.D. Student)
Liyan Hu (Ph.D. Student)
Yinghua Lu (Ph.D. Student)
Michael Dimtsios (M.S. Student)
Xianan Liu (M.S. Student)