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Allison P. Squires

Allison P. Squires, PhD

Research Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

health services research, nurses, nursing, human resources for health, global health, immigrant health, health disparities, language barriers, limited English proficiency, qualitative research, mixed-methods research, capacity building

My research focuses on building health workforce capacity, with a specific interest in improving immigrant health outcomes, especially when there is a language barrier between patients and providers. I have in-depth expertise in migration and health, as well as nursing and health workforce development.

As a global health researcher, I have worked in 34 countries and have regional expertise in Latin America. I have served as a consultant for the Migration Policy Institute and the World Bank on nursing and health workforce issues and have produced several major policy analyses with their teams.

My recent funded studies involve examining the challenges of building the capacity of the health workforce to meet the demand for geriatric services, and studying the impact of language-concordant encounters between nurses and patients receiving home care.

I have authored more than 150 publications, including 100 in peer-reviewed journals. Before entering academia full time, I worked for 11 years as a staff nurse in solid organ transplantation and served for 11 years as a staff educator in urban and rural hospitals.



Academic office

Rory Meyers College of Nursing, 433 First Avenue

Sixth Floor, 656

New York, NY 10010

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PhD from Yale University

University of Pennsylvania, Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research

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