Ana Rodriguez

Ana Rodriguez, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology

malaria, inflammation, Plasmodium, cerebral malaria, severe anemia, immunology, microbiology

Our lab studies two different parasites, Plasmodium, which causes Malaria and Trypanosoma cruzi, which causes Chagas disease. Malaria is a devastating disease that causes about 400,000 deaths per year, mainly among children in Africa. There is an urgent need for new strategies to control malaria, but there is a lack of detailed knowledge of the basic biological processes of Plasmodium, that would allow faster development of anti-malaria drugs and vaccines. A main interest of our laboratory is the study of malaria-induced inflammatory pathology and its implications in the pathology of disease, including cerebral malaria and severe anemia. We also intend to develop effective drugs against Chagas Disease. In collaboration with GSK, we have performed high through put screenings of intracellular Trypanosoma cruzi, to find compounds with anti-trypanosomal activities. Selected compounds are being tested for efficacy in mice.



Academic office

430 E. 29th st, Alexandria Center West Tower

room 511, lab 524

New York, NY 10010

Lab Website
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Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology

Co-Director, Anopheles Insectary

PhD from Autonomous University of Madrid

Fellowship, Institute Curie, Paris, France, Cell Biology/Immunology

Fellowship, Yale University School of Medicine, Cell Biology/Parasitology

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Drug May Prevent Bleeding in Malaria-Infected Brains

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