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Angel G. Pellicer

Angel G. Pellicer, MD, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Department of Pathology

oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes , tumorigenesis

Our laboratory investigates the mechanisms of oncogene activation, tumor suppressor gene inactivation and the function that these genes have in malignant transformation and normal cellular processes. Specifically, we study the ras family genes, which are activated in a significant percentage of human tumors. Working with animal model systems, we have induced several types of tumors and analyzed them at the molecular level. To determine the exact role of the N-ras oncogene in these tumors, we constructed several lines of transgenic mice that develop different types of neoplasias, mimicking the phenotype of the tumors from where the oncogene was originally isolated. Moreover, with mutant mice lacking the N-ras gene (knockout) we are determining the cellular pathways in which this gene is specifically involved.

In addition, we are characterizing a new oncogene identified in the laboratory, rsc, that is a homologue of the activator for another member of the ras extended gene family, Ral, and we are continuing our studies on the mechanisms of inactivation of p15 in murine thymic lymphomas.

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PhD from University of Valencia

MD from University of Valencia

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