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Arjun V. Balar, MD

Perlmutter Cancer Center

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Medicine


The primary focus of my research is in development of new therapeutic strategies for patients with prostate, kidney and bladder cancers using novel, molecularly targeted medications. Through design and conduct of clinical trials, our team aims to improve upon the current standards of care with a focus on developing better tolerated and personalized treatments. In addition, I lead the NYU Genitourinary Oncology Tumor Registry which is a multidisciplinary effort involving clinical, basic science and translational researchers to characterize the genomic and molecular make up of genitourinary tumors and to better understand its impact on patient outcomes. Our aim is to study impact of these genetic and molecular factors on the clinical course of our patients and their response to the therapies we administer. Ultimately, our work may lay the foundation for a more individualized approach to our patients' care.





Academic office

160 E 34TH ST,


New York, NY 10016

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MD from University of South Florida

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