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Brendan Parent

Brendan Parent, JD

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery

Bioethics, Organ Donation and Transplant Ethics and Policy, Ethical Issues in Genetics Technologies, Ethics in Gender Affirmation Care, Policy Governing Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

My primary research focuses on organ donation, procurement, and transplantation ethics and policy. This includes: examining eligibility, consent, and management of vascularized composite allograft such as hands, face, and uterus; efforts to expand the organ pool through donation after cardiac determination of death; examining allocation criteria such as survival benefit and social support in terms of justice and fairness; and innovative endeavors including xenotransplant, chimeric transplant, and bioengineering organs.

I also examine ethical issues in genetics technologies, including how to balance privacy, rights to health information, and value of genomic datasets for research enterprises. In addition, I consider how human psychology should inform our decisions regarding human genetic engineering. 

My more recent research includes ethics and policy in gender affirmation care, and regulation of big data and artificial intelligence in health care settings.





Academic office

227 East 30th Street

7th Floor, 721

New York, NY 10016

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Director, Transplant Ethics and Policy Group

JD from Georgetown University

Fellowship, NYU Langone Health, Division of Medical Ethics, Dept Population Health

Fellowship, New York Task Force on Life and the Law, Legal

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