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Brian M. Shearer, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology

Course Instructor, Gross Anatomy and Histology, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

PhD from CUNY Graduate Center

Pugh, Kelsey D; Catalano, Santiago A; Pérez de Los Ríos, Miriam; Fortuny, Josep; Shearer, Brian M; Vecino Gazabón, Alessandra; Hammond, Ashley S; Moyà-Solà, Salvador; Alba, David M; Almécija, Sergio

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Oh, So-Young; Dorsainville, Gregory A; Harnik, Victoria; Rapkiewicz, Amy; Shearer, Brian; Ramirez, Kristen; Alfaro, Veronica; Rosenfeld, Mel

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Shearer, Brian M; Muchlinski, Magdalena; Hammond, Ashley S

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Photographic and descriptive musculoskeletal atlas of bonobos : with notes on the weight, attachments, variations, and innervation of the muscles and comparisons with common chimpanzees and humans. Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2017]. xiii, 262 p. ; 27 cm (4141202)

Shearer, Brian M; Cooke, Siobhán B; Halenar, Lauren B; Reber, Samantha L; Plummer, Jeannette E; Delson, Eric; Tallman, Melissa

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Shearer, Brian M; Ungar, Peter S; McNulty, Kieran P; Harcourt-Smith, William E H; Dunsworth, Holly M; Teaford, Mark F

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Shearer, Brian M; Sholts, Sabrina B; Garvin, Heather M; Wärmländer, Sebastian K T S

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