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Caralee E. Caplan-Shaw

Caralee E. Caplan-Shaw, MD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

MD from McGill University

Fellowship, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Residency, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University, Internal Medicine



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Academic office

462 First Avenue, Ambulatory Care

2nd floor, Module 2E

New York, NY 10016

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Reibman, Joan; Caplan-Shaw, Caralee; Wu, Yinxiang; Liu, Mengling; Amin, Milan R; Berger, Kenneth I; Cotrina-Vidal, Maria L; Kazeros, Angeliki; Durmus, Nedim; Fernandez-Beros, Maria-Elena; Goldring, Roberta M; Rosen, Rebecca; Shao, Yongzhao

International journal of environmental research & public health. 2020 09 11; 17(18):

Michaud, Gaetane C; Channick, Colleen L; Caplan-Shaw, Caralee; Iaccarino, Jonathan M; Slatore, Christopher G; Bade, Brett; Tanner, Nichole; Robitaille, Catherine; Gonzalez, Anne V; Goudie, Eric; Liberman, Moishe; Sharma, Deepankar; Shojaee, Samira; Merrick, Christopher M; Maldonado, Fabien; Nguyen, Quyen L; Rivera-Lebron, Belinda; T Poston, Jason

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Journal of psychiatric research. 2017 06; 89:14-21

Marmor, Michael; Shao, Yongzhao; Bhatt, D Harshad; Stecker, Mark M; Berger, Kenneth I; Goldring, Roberta M; Rosen, Rebecca L; Caplan-Shaw, Caralee; Kazeros, Angeliki; Pradhan, Deepak; Wilkenfeld, Marc; Reibman, Joan

Journal of occupational & environmental medicine. 2017 04; 59(4):389-396

Caplan-Shaw, C; Reibman, J

World Trade Center Pulmonary Diseases and Multi-Organ System Manifestations. p.47-62. (3409902)

Caplan-Shaw, Caralee; Kazeros, Angeliki; Pradhan, Deepak; Berger, Kenneth; Goldring, Roberta; Zhao, Sibo; Liu, Mengling; Shao, Yongzhao; Fernandez-Beros, Maria Elena; Marmor, Michael; Levy-Carrick, Nomi; Rosen, Rebecca; Ferri, Lucia; Reibman, Joan

American journal of industrial medicine. 2016 09; 59(9):777-87

Berger, Kenneth I; Turetz, Meredith; Liu, Mengling; Shao, Yongzhao; Kazeros, Angeliki; Parsia, Sam; Caplan-Shaw, Caralee; Friedman, Stephen M; Maslow, Carey B; Marmor, Michael; Goldring, Roberta M; Reibman, Joan

ERJ open research. 2015 Oct; 1(2):

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Journal of occupational & environmental medicine. 2015 Jun; 57(6):610-6