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Carla R. Nowosad

Carla R. Nowosad, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology

Immunology, Germinal Centers, B cells, Mucosal Immunology, Antibodies , Microbiome
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PhD from London University College

The Rockefeller University, Victora Laboratory

The Rockefeller University, Mucida Laboratory

Nowosad, Carla R; Mesin, Luka; Castro, Tiago B R; Wichmann, Christopher; Donaldson, Gregory P; Araki, Tatsuya; Schiepers, Ariën; Lockhart, Ainsley A K; Bilate, Angelina M; Mucida, Daniel; Victora, Gabriel D

Nature. 2020 12; 588(7837):321-326

Nowosad, Carla R; Spillane, Katelyn M; Tolar, Pavel

Nature immunology. 2016 07; 17(7):870-7

Merkenschlager, Julia; Berz, Riza-Maria; Ramos, Victor; Uhlig, Maximilian; MacLean, Andrew J; Nowosad, Carla R; Oliveira, Thiago Y; Nussenzweig, Michel C

Nature communications. 2023 Oct 31; 14(1):6944

Pabst, Oliver; Nowosad, Carla R

Seminars in immunology. 2023 Jul 18; 69:101806

Merkenschlager, Julia; Finkin, Shlomo; Ramos, Victor; Kraft, Julian; Cipolla, Melissa; Nowosad, Carla R; Hartweger, Harald; Zhang, Wenzhu; Olinares, Paul Dominic B; Gazumyan, Anna; Oliveira, Thiago Y; Chait, Brian T; Nussenzweig, Michel C

Nature. 2021 Mar; 591(7850):458-463

Roco, Jonathan A; Mesin, Luka; Binder, Sebastian C; Nefzger, Christian; Gonzalez-Figueroa, Paula; Canete, Pablo F; Ellyard, Julia; Shen, Qian; Robert, Philippe A; Cappello, Jean; Vohra, Harpreet; Zhang, Yang; Nowosad, Carla R; Schiepers, Arien; Corcoran, Lynn M; Toellner, Kai-Michael; Polo, Jose M; Meyer-Hermann, Michael; Victora, Gabriel D; Vinuesa, Carola G

Immunity. 2019 08 20; 51(2):337-350.e7

Merkenschlager, Julia; Eksmond, Urszula; Danelli, Luca; Attig, Jan; Young, George R; Nowosad, Carla; Tolar, Pavel; Kassiotis, George

Blood. 2019 03 07; 133(10):1108-1118

Hoogeboom, Robbert; Natkanski, Elizabeth M; Nowosad, Carla R; Malinova, Dessislava; Menon, Rajesh P; Casal, Antonio; Tolar, Pavel

Cell reports. 2018 05 22; 23(8):2342-2353