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Chang Yu

Chang Yu, PhD

Professor, Department of Population Health

biostatistics, statistical methods, clinical trials, drug efficacy and safety evaluation, NDA filings, diagnostic testing

My methodological research focuses on distributions for p-values, models for correlated binary data, mixture models, disease clustering, measurement error correction models, propensity score-based causal inference, survival analysis, and statistical methods for genetics.

Before my academic career, I worked at Merck Research Laboratories for over five years designing and implementing Phase I, II, and III clinical trials for drug development and conducting efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetic analyses to support NDA filings to the FDA.

I have a special interest in innovative clinical trial designs and my collaborative research ranges from clinical pharmacology, hypertension, pulmonary arterial hypertension, asthma, pain research, and diagnostic testing. I serve on the leadership of the Center for Multisite Clinical Studies at NYU and on the Advisory Panel on Clinical Trials at PCORI. 

Before joining NYU Grossman School of Medicine, I was on the faculty at Vanderbilt University. 





Academic office

180 Madison Avenue

2nd Floor, Room 2-55

New York, NY 10016

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PhD from Yale University

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