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Christie A. Pfaff

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Future-event schemas: Automaticity and rumination in major depression

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Cognitive therapy & research. 2001 Jun; 25(3):311-333

Negative symptoms and the experience of emotion

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Journal of urology. 2000 Mar; 163(3):834-7

Petrylak, D P; Macarthur, R; O'Connor, J; Shelton, G; Weitzman, A; Judge, T; England-Owen, C; Zuech, N; Pfaff, C; Newhouse, J; Bagiella, E; Hetjan, D; Sawczuk, I; Benson, M; Olsson, C

Seminars in oncology. 1999 Oct; 26(5 Suppl 17):28-33

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