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Colleen C. Gillespie

Colleen C. Gillespie, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Director, Division of Education Quality

PhD from New York University



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Academic office

550 First Avenue

Ground Floor, MSB 108

New York, NY 10016

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Gillespie, Colleen; Zabar, Sondra; Altshuler, Lisa; Fox, Jaclyn; Pusic, Martin; Xu, Junchuan; Kalet, Adina

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Zabar, Sondra; Adams, Jennifer; Kurland, Sienna; Shaker-Brown, Amara; Porter, Barbara; Horlick, Margaret; Hanley, Kathleen; Altshuler, Lisa; Kalet, Adina; Gillespie, Colleen

Journal of general internal medicine. 2016 08; 31(8):846-53

Wilhite, Jeffrey A; Hardowar, Khemraj; Fisher, Harriet; Porter, Barbara; Wallach, Andrew B; Altshuler, Lisa; Hanley, Kathleen; Zabar, Sondra R; Gillespie, Colleen C

Diagnosis. 2020 Aug 27; 7(3):313-324

Wilhite, Jeffrey A; Altshuler, Lisa; Zabar, Sondra; Gillespie, Colleen; Kalet, Adina

BMC medical education. 2020 Jun 19; 20(1):199

Cangiarella, Joan; Cohen, Elisabeth; Rivera, Rafael; Gillespie, Colleen; Abramson, Steven

Academic medicine. 2020 Apr; 95(4):534-539

Papademetriou, Marianna; Perrault, Gabriel; Pitman, Max; Gillespie, Colleen; Zabar, Sondra; Weinshel, Elizabeth; Williams, Renee

World journal of gastroenterology : WJG. 2020 Mar 21; 26(11):1221-1230

Wilhite, Jeffrey A; Velcani, Frida; Watsula-Morley, Amanda; Hanley, Kathleen; Altshuler, Lisa; Kalet, Adina; Zabar, Sondra; Gillespie, Colleen C

Addictive behaviors reports. 2019 Jun; 9:100179

Zabar, Sondra; Hanley, Kathleen; Horlick, Margaret; Cocks, Patrick; Altshuler, Lisa; Watsula-Morley, Amanda; Berman, Russell; Hochberg, Mark; Phillips, Donna; Kalet, Adina; Gillespie, Colleen

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