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David R. Litke, PhD

Clinical Instructor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

implicit learning and brain injury, goal setting in rehabilitation, problem-solving and brain injury, chronic multisymptom illness, Veteran and military issues

David R. Litke, PhD, is a clinical instructor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine (Rusk Rehabilitation) at NYU Langone and a clinical researcher at the VA New Jersey Health Care System. He has extensive experience conducting clinical research in the fields of rehabilitation psychology and health psychology. His work is focused on assessment, treatment, and research designed to reduce the disability associated with chronic conditions like traumatic brain injury and chronic multisymptom illness. The main thrust of these efforts is the development and study of interventions designed to increase functioning for individuals with disability in order to provide evidence-based treatments. Dr. Litke has developed a variety of interventions by adapting problem-solving therapy for the specific needs of different populations presenting with functional difficulties.

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PhD from Long Island University

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