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Dmitry Rinberg

Dmitry Rinberg, PhD

Neuroscience Institute

Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology

systems, cognitive, & computational neuroscience




Academic office

Science Building, 435 East 30th Street

13th Floor, Room 1316

New York, NY 10016

Lab Website
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PhD from Weizmann Institute of Science

Gill, Jonathan V; Lerman, Gilad M; Zhao, Hetince; Stetler, Benjamin J; Rinberg, Dmitry; Shoham, Shy

Neuron. 2020 Oct 28; 108(2):382-393.e5

Chong, Edmund; Moroni, Monica; Wilson, Christopher; Shoham, Shy; Panzeri, Stefano; Rinberg, Dmitry

Science. 2020 06 19; 368(6497):

Williams, Alex H; Poole, Ben; Maheswaranathan, Niru; Dhawale, Ashesh K; Fisher, Tucker; Wilson, Christopher D; Brann, David H; Trautmann, Eric M; Ryu, Stephen; Shusterman, Roman; Rinberg, Dmitry; Ölveczky, Bence P; Shenoy, Krishna V; Ganguli, Surya

Neuron. 2020 Jan 22; 105(2):246-259.e8

Lerman, Gilad M.; Little, Justin P.; Gill, Jonathan V.; Rinberg, Dmitry; Shoham, Shy

Laser & photonics reviews. 2019 Sep 01; 13(<prism:issueIdentifier>9):?-?

Kepple, Daniel R; Giaffar, Hamza; Rinberg, Dmitry; Koulakov, Alexei A

Neural computation. 2019 04; 31(4):710-737

Shusterman, Roman; Sirotin, Yevgeniy B; Smear, Matthew C; Ahmadian, Yashar; Rinberg, Dmitry

eNeuro. 2018 Nov-Dec; 5(6):

Chong, Edmund; Rinberg, Dmitry

Current opinion in neurobiology. 2018 Oct; 52:18-24

Dewan, Adam; Cichy, Annika; Zhang, Jingji; Miguel, Kayla; Feinstein, Paul; Rinberg, Dmitry; Bozza, Thomas

Nature communications. 2018 07 23; 9(1):2887