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Fred T. Valentine

Fred T. Valentine, MD

Research Professor, Department of Medicine

malignant melanoma, induction of effective immune responses against metastatic melanoma, pathogenesis of HIV disease, immune responses to HIV, cellular immunology, vaccine design

Our research involves clinical studies of a novel vaccine strategy for treating metastatic malignant melanoma. We have developed a method of inducing cellular immune responses to metastatic melanoma that result in frequent and durable complete regressions of disease.

We are also interested in immunological and virological aspects of HIV infection. We have investigated HIV-specific cellular immune responses in acute, primary HIV infection and in “elite controllers,” individuals who spontaneously control HIV without antiretroviral drugs. We have discovered that individuals treated very early in their HIV infection develop strong CD4+ T-cell memory responses to HIV antigens that are similar to, though often of lesser magnitude, than the memory responses observed in elite controllers. Some individuals who started antiretroviral drugs during the first few weeks of their HIV infection are, after one year of treatment, subsequently able to control their blood levels of HIV for one to two years (and sometimes longer) after stopping their anti-HIV drugs. Our study indicated that very early treatment improves the immune system’s ability to control HIV, although all patients should continue their anti-HIV drugs at all times.



Academic office

550 First Avenue, Bellevue C&D

5th Floor, Room 517

New York, NY 10016

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MD from Harvard University

Fellowship, NYU School of Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Immunology

Residency, Harvard Medical Service Boston City Hospital, Internal Medicine

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