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Frederick Feit, MD

Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine

angiography, restenosis

In addition to performing over 2,000 of diagnostic angiography catheterizations, over 500 angioplasties are performed annually at NYU Medical Center. Balloon angioplasty is sometimes followed by restenosis.

Frederick Feit M.D.'s studies are focused on this persistent clinical problem which affects approximately 30 percent of patients within 6 months. Second angioplasties and/or bypass surgeries are the common follow-up procedure to correct restenosis. New procedures such as atherectomy, and implantation of a stent are also being investigated in this laboratory. The long term effectiveness of atherectomy and stents is, however, unknown and far more research in this area needs to be conducted.

Research is underway into the biological basis for restenosis, which is partially due to a biological response or an attempt at healing the damage to the artery that is mediated by growth factors. The blocking of growth factors or genes that stimulate restinosis factors constitute some of the directions of future research, conducted in collaboration with the Medical Center's basic scientists.


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MD from New York University

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