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Gregory J. Sweeney

Clinical Instructor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Bostrom, John; Searcy, Ryan; Walia, Ahana; Rzucidlo, Justyna; Banco, Darcy; Quien, Mary; Sweeney, Greg; Pierre, Alicia; Tang, Ying; Mola, Ana; Xia, Yuhe; Whiteson, Jonathan; Dodson, John A

Journal of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation & prevention. 2020 May; 40(3):E26-E30

Bostrom, John; Sweeney, Greg; Whiteson, Jonathan; Dodson, John A

Clinical cardiology. 2020 Feb; 43(2):118-126

Cardiovascular disorders

Whiteson, Jonathan H; Sweeney, Gregory

Medical aspects of disability for the rehabilitation professionals. [New York] : Springer Publishing Company, 2017. 5th edition. p.?-?. (2558812)