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Hakhamanesh Mostafavi

Hakhamanesh Mostafavi, PhD

Center for Human Genetics & Genomics

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health

Complex Traits and Diseases, Population and Statistical Genetics, Functional Genomics, Phenotypic Prediction

My group uses and develops computational and theoretical approaches to address fundamental questions about the biology of human traits and diseases.

How does genetic variation lead to phenotypic variation? Which genes underlie specific traits, and why? What cellular and molecular processes mediate the genetic effects? How can functional knowledge inform disease prediction and prevention?

To address these fundamental questions, our work integrates molecular and cellular perspectives with insights from evolutionary and population genetics.



Academic office

435 East 30th Street

5th Floor, Room SB514

New York, NY 10016

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Center for Human Genetics & Genomics

PhD from Columbia University

Stanford University, Genetics

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