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Heath R. Pardoe

Heath R. Pardoe, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Neurology

Associate Professor, Department of Neurology

Fellowship, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Postdoctoral Research Fellow



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Academic office

145 East 32nd Street

Eighth Floor

New York, NY 10016

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George, Allan; Kuzniecky, Ruben; Rusinek, Henry; Pardoe, Heath R

Journal of neuroimaging. 2019 Oct 30;

Hakimi, Mathew; Ardekani, Babak A; Pressl, Christina; Blackmon, Karen; Thesen, Thomas; Devinsky, Orrin; Kuzniecky, Ruben I; Pardoe, Heath R

Epilepsy research. 2019 May 24; 154:157-162

Pardoe, Heath R; Kuzniecky, Ruben

Neuroinformatics. 2018 01; 16(1):43-49

Kirov, Ivan I; Kuzniecky, Ruben; Hetherington, Hoby P; Soher, Brian J; Davitz, Matthew S; Babb, James S; Pardoe, Heath R; Pan, Jullie W; Gonen, Oded

Epilepsy research. 2018 01; 139:85-91

Pardoe, Heath R; Cole, James H; Blackmon, Karen; Thesen, Thomas; Kuzniecky, Ruben

Epilepsy research. 2017 07; 133:28-32

Pardoe, Heath R; Hiess, Rebecca Kucharsky; Kuzniecky, Ruben

Neuroimage. 2016 07 15; 135:177-85

Pardoe, Heath R; Cutter, Gary R; Alter, Rachel; Hiess, Rebecca Kucharsky; Semmelroch, Mira; Parker, Donna; Farquharson, Shawna; Jackson, Graeme D; Kuzniecky, Ruben

Journal of neuroimaging. 2016 Jan-Feb; 26(1):109-15

Blackmon, Karen; Ben-Avi, Emma; Wang, Xiuyuan; Pardoe, Heath R; Di Martino, Adriana; Halgren, Eric; Devinsky, Orrin; Thesen, Thomas; Kuzniecky, Ruben

NeuroImage: Clinical. 2016 Dec; 10:36-45