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Helen E. Scharfman

Helen E. Scharfman, PhD

Professor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology

Professor, Department of Psychiatry

hippocampus and parahippocampal areas, their role in normal function and their contribution to neurological disorders and mental illness, neurotrophins (BDNF)and neuronal plasticity , neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus , mechanisms controlling neuronal excitability; seizures; epilepsy, neuronal modulation by reproductive steroids, brain and spinal cord injury; neuroprotection, imaging, molecular, cellular, & translational neuroscience, systems, cognitive, & computational neuroscience


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Ma, Yihe; Bayguinov, Peter O; McMahon, Shane M; Scharfman, Helen E; Jackson, Meyer B

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