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Hesheng Wang

Hesheng Wang, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology

PhD from Case Western Reserve University

Residency, NYU Langone Medical Center, Medical Physics Residency

University of Michigan, Department of Radiation Oncology

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Wang, Hesheng; Qu, Tanxia; Bernstein, Kenneth; Barbee, David; Kondziolka, Douglas

Radiation oncology. 2023 May 08; 18(1):78

Wang, Hesheng; Barbhaiya, Chirag R; Yuan, Ye; Barbee, David; Chen, Ting; Axel, Leon; Chinitz, Larry A; Evans, Andrew J; Byun, David J

Advances in radiation oncology. 2023 Jul; 8(6):101272

Chen, Ting; Wang, Hesheng

Principles and Practice of Image-Guided Abdominal Radiation Therapy. [S.l.] : Institute of Physics Publishing, 2022. p.17-?. (5550522)

Wang, Hesheng; Xue, Jinyu; Qu, Tanxia; Bernstein, Kenneth; Chen, Ting; Barbee, David; Silverman, Joshua S; Kondziolka, Douglas

Medical physics. 2021 Sep; 48(9):5522-5530

Lin, Mingquan; Momin, Shadab; Lei, Yang; Wang, Hesheng; Curran, Walter J; Liu, Tian; Yang, Xiaofeng

Medical physics. 2021 Aug; 48(8):4365-4374

Wang, Hesheng; Rea, Anthony; Rudek, Benedikt; Chen, Ting; McCarthy, Allison; Barbee, David

Journal of applied clinical medical physics. 2021 Feb; 22(2):77-84

Wang, Hesheng; Xue, Jinyu; Chen, Ting; Qu, Tanxia; Barbee, David; Tam, Moses; Hu, Kenneth

Journal of applied clinical medical physics. 2020 Sep; 21(9):171-177

Zhang, Yupei; Lei, Yang; Qiu, Richard L J; Wang, Tonghe; Wang, Hesheng; Jani, Ashesh B; Curran, Walter J; Patel, Pretesh; Liu, Tian; Yang, Xiaofeng

Medical physics. 2020 Jul; 47(7):2735-2745