Iannis Aifantis

Iannis Aifantis, PhD

Chair, Department of Pathology

Professor, Department of Pathology

cancer, immunology, stem cell biology, epigenetic regulation , leukemia, tumor microenvironment

My laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanisms of differentiation and transformation of hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors. Specifically, we study the initiation and progression of both lymphoid (T-ALL) and myeloid (AML, CML, CMML) leukemias.

Our work has identified and studied a number of novel oncogene proteins (including NOTCH1), tumor suppressor proteins (including FBXW7, TET2, CYLD, EZH2, UTX, cohesins), and downstream oncogenic signaling pathways. We have used these pathways to design molecularly targeted therapeutic protocols that inhibit the induction of or affect the maintenance of the disease. Our laboratory also studies the mechanisms of hematopoietic stem cell differentiation and self-renewal using both genomic and genetic approaches. 

We currently have several areas of focus in our lab: 

  • the impact of DNA methylation on stem cell transformation
  • the mapping of long noncoding RNAs in a number of human tumors
  • the impact of three-dimensional chromosomal architecture in cancer
  • the role of stress responses in human malignancy
  • the in vivo mapping of the tumor microenvironment for acute leukemia

We have recently expanded our scope to include the regulation of tumor progression and metastasis in selected solid tumors, with an emphasis on cancer-initiation mechanisms, including protein stability, epigenetics, and the tumor microenvironment.

Academic office

550 First Avenue, Medical Sciences Building

5th Floor, Room 555

New York, NY 11217

Lab Website
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Professor, Department of Pathology

Chair, Department of Pathology

PhD from Universite de Paris III.

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