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Irma Sanchez

Irma Sanchez, PhD

Perlmutter Cancer Center

Associate Professor, Department of Pathology


I am interested in studying the subcellular mechanisms through which MAPKs transduce environmental extracellular signals. My previous work focused on the identification and characterization of SEK1/MKK4/JNKK the first known activator for the SAPK/JNK enzyme. I have now turned our attention towards studying the ERK3/MAPK6 enzyme. ERK3 was first identified in 1991 and is highly enriched in the developing nervous system. Interestingly,unlike other members of the MAPK family, ERK3 appears to be restricted to vertebrates as there are no known homologs in yeast or in Drosophila and C. elegans. Using a combination of biochemical, cell biological, and molecular biological approaches we hope to uncover the regulatory controls and cellular role of this very interesting enzyme.

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PhD from University of California at Berkeley

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