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Itai Yanai

Itai Yanai, PhD

Director, Institute for Computational Medicine

Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

cancer, computational biology, developmental genetics, genomics, microbiome, systems biology, single-cell transcriptomics, gene expression atlas construction, genome evolution

Itai Yanai is the Director of the Institute for Computational Medicine and Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology.

Our lab uses the tractable C. elegans embryo as an experimental system. One of our goals is to make a comprehensive determination of gene expression in every cell in this nematode. We are computationally analyzing this complete atlas to infer gene regulatory pathways. One future goal is to compare gene expression patterns across disparate metazoan phyla, searching for how the various signaling pathways and transcription factor (TF) modules are differentially expressed in patterning distinct body plans. In addition to embryonic development, we aim to reveal the spatial and conditional aspects of gene regulatory pathways by studying an organ (the human pancreas), tumorigenesis (zebrafish melanoma), and host-pathogen interaction (human Salmonella), through a collaborative approach that will also include the development of novel methods for spatial transcriptomics. We will also extend our analysis to regulatory pathways involving—in addition to mRNA—small RNA such as miRNAs and piRNAs, as well as lincRNAs. By providing insight into the structure, function, and plasticity of gene regulatory networks, this research will impact the fields of developmental, ecological, and evolutionary biology. 



Academic office

435 East 30th Street

8th Floor, Room 817

New York, NY 10016

Lab Website
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Director, Institute for Computational Medicine

PhD from Boston University

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