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Ivan L. Diaz

Ivan L. Diaz, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Population Health

PhD from University of California at Berkeley

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Biostatistics

These focus areas and their associated publications are derived from medical subject headings from PubMed.
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Nonparametric Causal Effects Based on Longitudinal Modified Treatment Policies

Diaz, Ivan; Williams, Nicholas; Hoffman, Katherine L.; Schenck, Edward J.

Journal of the American Statistical Association. 2021;

Nonparametric efficient causal mediation with intermediate confounders

Diaz, I; Hejazi, N. S.; Rudolph, K. E.; van der Laan, M. J.

Biometrika. 2021; 108(3):627-641

Benkeser, David; Díaz, Iván; Luedtke, Alex; Segal, Jodi; Scharfstein, Daniel; Rosenblum, Michael

Biometrics. 2021 12; 77(4):1467-1481

Causal mediation analysis for stochastic interventions

Diaz, Ivan; Hejazi, Nima S.

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B, Statistical methodology. 2020; 82(3):661-683

Efficient estimation of quantiles in missing data models

Diaz, Ivan

Journal of statistical planning & inference. 2017; 190:39-51

Díaz, Iván; Colantuoni, Elizabeth; Rosenblum, Michael

Biometrics. 2016 06; 72(2):422-31

Hejazi, Nima S; Rudolph, Kara E; Van Der Laan, Mark J; Díaz, Iván

Biostatistics (Oxford, England). 2023 Jul 14; 24(3):686-707