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Joey Nicholson

Joey Nicholson, PhD

Associate Curator, Medical Library

Chair, Medical Library

PhD from Maastricht University



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Academic office

577 First Ave.

2nd Floor, Room 207

New York, NY 10016

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Soomro, Qandeel H; McCarthy, Angela; Charytan, Amalya M; Keane, Colin; Varela, Dalila; Ways, Javaughn; Ramos, Giana; Nicholson, Joey; Charytan, David M

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Soomro, Qandeel H; McCarthy, Angela; Varela, Dalila; Keane, Colin; Ways, Javaughn; Charytan, Amalya M; Ramos, Giana; Nicholson, Joey; Charytan, David M

Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 2023 Jul 01; 34(7):1167-1177

Constable, Catherine; Ferguson, Kyle; Nicholson, Joey; Quinn, Gwendolyn P

CA: a cancer journal for clinicians. 2022 Nov; 72(6):561-569

Schlacter, Jamie A; Kay-Rivest, Emily; Nicholson, Joseph; Santacatterina, Michele; Zhang, Yan; Jethanamest, Daniel; Friedmann, David R; McMenomey, Sean O; Roland, J Thomas

Otology & neurotology. 2022 Oct 01; 43(9):980-986

Oh, So-Young; Cook, David A; Van Gerven, Pascal W M; Nicholson, Joseph; Fairbrother, Hilary; Smeenk, Frank W J M; Pusic, Martin V

Academic medicine. 2022 Apr 01; 97(4):593-602

Young, Trevor K; Glick, Alexander F; Yin, H Shonna; Kolla, Avani M; Velazquez, Jessica J; Nicholson, Joey; Oza, Vikash S

Academic pediatrics. 2021 Nov-Dec; 21(8):1318-1327

Winkel, Abigail Ford; Telzak, Beatrice; Shaw, Jacquelyn; Hollond, Calder; Magro, Juliana; Nicholson, Joseph; Quinn, Gwendolyn

Journal of general internal medicine. 2021 08; 36(8):2392-2399

Rasmussen, Lauge Neimann; Norgaard, Ole; Andersen, Tue Helms; Palayew, Adam; Nicholson, Joey; Lazarus, Jeffrey V

Journal of medical Internet research. 2021 May 28; 23(5):e29507