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JohnRoss Rizzo

JohnRoss Rizzo, MD

Ilse Melamid Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Associate Professor, Department of Neurology

Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Acquired Brain Injury, Eye-Hand Coordination, Eye Movements, Ocular Motor Control, Manual Motor Control, Concussion, Biomechanics, Gait, Assistive Technology, Wearable Technology, Blindness and Visual Impairment (BVI), Sensory Augmentation, Electronic Travel Aids (ETAs) for BVI, Mobility in Low Vision
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Health System Director of Disability Inclusion

Vice Chair of Equity and Innovation, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

MD from New York Medical College

Fellowship, NYU Langone Medical Center, Rusk Rehabilitation, Clinical Research Fellowship

Residency, NYU Langone Medical Center, Rusk Rehabilitation (with Chief Year)

Keegan, Grace; Rizzo, John-Ross; Joseph, Kathie-Ann

Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2023 Oct 09; 115(10):1139-1144

Annaswamy, Thiru; Cunniff, Kegan; Rizzo, J R; Naeimi, Tahereh; Kumbhare, Dinesh; Batavia, Mitchell

American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation. 2023 Jul 01; 102(7):636-644

Ricci, Fabiana Sofia; Boldini, Alain; Ma, Xinda; Beheshti, Mahya; Geruschat, Duane R; Seiple, William H; Rizzo, John-Ross; Porfiri, Maurizio

PLOS digital health. 2023 Jun; 2(6):e0000275

Liu, Bennett M; Beheshti, Mahya; Naeimi, Tahareh; Zhu, Zhigang; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Seiple, William; Rizzo, John-Ross

Disability & rehabilitation. Assistive technology. 2023 Mar 16; 1-10

Beheshti, Mahya; Naeimi, Tahereh; Hudson, Todd E; Feng, Chen; Mongkolwat, Pattanasak; Riewpaiboon, Wachara; Seiple, William; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Rizzo, John-Ross

Trials. 2023 Mar 07; 24(1):169

Singh, Tarkeshwar; Rizzo, John-Ross; Bonnet, Cédrick; Semrau, Jennifer A; Herter, Troy M

Experimental brain research. 2023 Feb; 241(2):547-558

Feng, Junchi; Beheshti, Mahya; Philipson, Mira; Ramsaywack, Yuvraj; Porfiri, Maurizio; Rizzo, John Ross

IEEE journal of translational engineering in health & medicine. 2023 Jan 01; ?-?

Ettinger, Tom; Berberian, Marygrace; Acosta, Ikuko; Cucca, Alberto; Feigin, Andrew; Genovese, Danilo; Pollen, Travis; Rieders, Julianne; Kilachand, Rohita; Gomez, Clara; Kaimal, Girija; Biagioni, Milton; Di Rocco, Alessandro; Ghilardi, Felice M; Rizzo, John-Ross

Frontiers in human neuroscience. 2023; 17:1110531