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Jonas Schluter, PhD

Institute for Computational Medicine

Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology

gut microbiome, massive clinical data sets and the hospitalome, microbial ecology and warfare, evolutionary theory, quorum sensing, machine-learning and Bayesian time series analysis

We seek to leverage the human microbiota as a therapeutic target of the future. We approach this ambitious goal from two opposing directions: on the one end, we utilize massive datasets to detect temporal associations between the gut microbiota and the body, with particular emphasis on immune homeostasis; on the other end, we are developing fundamental theory of host-microbiota evolution and ecology. Theory and large-scale data analysis inform our microbiota community experiments, focusing on anaerobic cultivation techniques, that ultimately lead to interventional trials of microbiota-targeted therapies. Specifically, we are leveraging the arsenal of microbial warfare, including quorum sensing, and other products of microbial metabolism to steer complex microbial ecosystems.

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PhD from University of Oxford

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