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Laura E. Price, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Primary Responsibilities: Project Assistant on NIH/NICHD-funded research project, conducted on the Outpatient Neuropsychology Service, Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. Research Summary: Five-year, NIH/NICHD-funded, randomized clinical trial (#2R01-HD032943; Leonard Diller, PI). Goal is to extend seminal problem-solving group treatment methods developed on the Outpatient Neuropsychology Service, Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, to address the needs of outpatients with more compromised cognitive skills. Because such individuals need individualized training and one-on-one practice and repetition, the intervention will be delivered in an individual treatment modality. Long-term objectives are to (a) contribute to the cumulative body of evidence regarding the effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation and (b) disseminate an empirically validated treatment protocol with practical applications for enhancing the community integration of more impaired individuals with ABD due to a variety of etiologies.
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PhD from New York University

Price, Laura E; Noulas, Paraskevi; Wen, Irina; Spray, Amanda

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