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Laura L. Kimberly

Laura L. Kimberly, PhD

Assistant Professor, Hansjorg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health

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Academic office

222 East 41st Street

6th Floor

NEW YORK, NY 10017

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Fernandez Lynch, Holly; Salam, Tasnim; Gould, Patrick; Bateman-House, Alison; Kimberly, Laura

JAMA network open. 2023 Feb 01; 6(2):e230060

Gould, Patrick; Salam, Tasnim; Kimberly, Laura; Bateman-House, Alison; Fernandez Lynch, Holly

JAMA network open. 2022 Nov 01; 5(11):e2239766

Parker, Augustus C; Brydges, Hilliard; Kimberly, Laura; Blasdel, Gaines; Rodriguez, Eduardo D

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Trilles, Jorge; Chaya, Bachar F; Brydges, Hilliard; Parker, Augustus; Kimberly, Laura L; Boczar, Daniel; Rodriguez Colon, Ricardo; Rodriguez, Eduardo D

LGBT health. 2022 Jul; 9(5):333-339

Parker, Augustus; Blasdel, Gaines; Kloer, Carmen; Kimberly, Laura; Shakir, Nabeel; Robinson, Isabel; Bluebond-Langner, Rachel; Zhao, Lee C

Journal of sexual medicine. 2022 Feb; 19(2):385-393

Trends, Gaps, and Collaboration in Facial Transplantation: A Bibliometric Study

Hoffman, Alexandra F.; Colon, Ricardo Rodriguez; Diep, Gustave K.; Berman, Zoe P.; Kimberly, Laura L.; Trilles, Jorge; Boczar, Daniel; Chaya, Bachar F.; Rodriguez, Eduardo D.

Plastic & reconstructive surgery. Global open. 2022; 10(4):

Kimberly, Laura L; Onuh, Ogechukwu C; Thys, Erika; Rodriguez, Eduardo D

Frontiers in psychology. 2022 Dec; 13:1055503