Lisa B. Malter

Lisa B. Malter, MD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Director, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program, Bellevue Hospital Center

Faculty Career Advisor, Violet Society Program

MD from Chicago Medical School

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Park, Leslie; Mone, Anjali; Price, Jennifer C; Tzimas, Demetrios; Hirsh, Jacqueline; Poles, Michael A; Malter, Lisa; Chen, Lea Ann

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It's All in the History: Infectious Mimics of Inflammatory Bowel Disease [Meeting Abstract]

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Azathioprine Induced Sweet's Syndrome in Crohn's Disease: An Important Distinction [Meeting Abstract]

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Overlap: Optimizing Management Through the Use of an Observed Structured Clinical Examination [Meeting Abstract]

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Using Humanized Germ-Free Mice to Understand Microbiome Variation in IBD Patients Who Respond to Anti-TNF Medications [Meeting Abstract]

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Focal full-thickness epidermal necrosis in association with adalimumab in a patient with ulcerative colitis [Meeting Abstract]

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