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Lorna E. Thorpe

Lorna E. Thorpe, MPH, PhD

Anita Steckler and Joseph Steckler Professor of Population Health, Department of Population Health

biostatistics, epidemiology, population health, public health surveillance, chronic disease, infectious disease

I am the Anita and Joseph Steckler Professor and Chair of the Department of Population Health at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine.  I have leadership and research experience in the field of epidemiology, with a specific focus on population-based surveillance, measuring social determinants of health, electronic health record network-based research, and translating research into policy and practice. Substantively, my research centers on designing and implementing population health studies to assess leading causes of disease among disadvantaged populations and investigate approaches to alleviate disparities. A former Deputy Commissioner for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in charge of Epidemiology, I have led the design of many innovative scientific studies aimed at understanding the health of NYC
residents. I began my applied research career as a CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Officer in international tuberculosis (TB) control. I completed my PhD in epidemiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, MPH. at University of Michigan, and BA at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to completing my PhD, I lived and worked in China and Indonesia, focusing on designing and evaluating family planning and HV/AIDS program.  I have published widely on both chronic and infectious disease topics.



Academic office

180 Madison Ave

Ninth Floor, 915

New York, NY 10016

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Anita Steckler and Joseph Steckler Professor of Population Health, Department of Population Health at NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Chair, Department of Population Health

Director, Division of Epidemiology

Vice Chair for Strategy and Planning Dept Population Health

PhD from University of Illinois

MPH from University of Michigan

Fellowship, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Epidemic Intelligence Service Fellowship

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