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Mara A. McAdams DeMarco

Mara A. McAdams DeMarco, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Surgery

Associate Professor, Department of Population Health

frailty, aging, cognitive function, kidney transplantation, dialysis
Academic office

1 Park Avenue


New York, NY 10016

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Associate Vice Chair for Research, Department of Surgery

PhD from Johns Hopkins University

Chen, Xiaomeng; Liu, Yi; Thompson, Valerie; Chu, Nadia M; King, Elizabeth A; Walston, Jeremy D; Kobashigawa, Jon A; Dadhania, Darshana M; Segev, Dorry L; McAdams-DeMarco, Mara A

BMC geriatrics. 2022 Jan 27; 22(1):82

Sandal, Shaifali; Ahn, JiYoon B; Cantarovich, Marcelo; Chu, Nadia M; Segev, Dorry L; McAdams-DeMarco, Mara A

Transplantation. 2022 May 01; 106(5):1051-1060

Chen, Xiaomeng; Shafaat, Omid; Liu, Yi; King, Elizabeth A; Weiss, Clifford R; Xue, Qian-Li; Walston, Jeremy D; Segev, Dorry L; McAdams-DeMarco, Mara A

American journal of transplantation. 2022 Apr; 22(4):1145-1157

Ahn, JiYoon B; Bae, Sunjae; Schnitzler, Mark; Hess, Gregory P; Lentine, Krista L; Segev, Dorry L; McAdams-DeMarco, Mara A

Transplantation direct. 2022 Jan; 8(1):e1260

Axelrod, David A; Cheungpasitporn, Wisit; Bunnapradist, Suphamai; Schnitzler, Mark A; Xiao, Huiling; McAdams-DeMarco, Mara; Caliskan, Yasar; Bae, Sunjae; Ahn, JiYoon B; Segev, Dorry L; Lam, Ngan N; Hess, Gregory P; Lentine, Krista L

Kidney medicine. 2022 Jan; 4(1):100377

Chu, Nadia M; Hong, Jingyao; Harasemiw, Oksana; Chen, Xiaomeng; Fowler, Kevin J; Dasgupta, Indranil; Bohm, Clara; Segev, Dorry L; McAdams-DeMarco, Mara A

Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation. 2022 Oct 19; 37(11):2180-2189

Ruck, Jessica M.; King, Elizabeth A.; Chu, Nadia M.; Segev, Dorry L.; McAdams-DeMarco, Mara

Current transplantation reports. 2023 Mar 01; 10(<prism:issueIdentifier>1):21-27

Liu, Yi; Bendersky, Victoria A; Chen, Xiaomeng; Ghildayal, Nidhi; Harhay, Meera N; Segev, Dorry L; McAdams-DeMarco, Mara

Clinical transplantation. 2023 Feb 22; e14947