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Mario Delmar

Mario Delmar, MD, PhD

Patricia M. and Robert H. Martinsen Professor of Cardiology, Department of Medicine

Professor, Department of Cell Biology

cardiovascular biology, channels and transporters
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Patricia M. and Robert H. Martinsen Professor of Cardiology, Department of Medicine

Professor, Department of Cell Biology

MD from National Autonomous University of Mexico

Kim, Joon-Chul; Pérez-Hernández Duran, Marta; Alvarado, Francisco J; Maurya, Svetlana R; Montnach, Jerome; Yin, Yandong; Zhang, Mingliang; Lin, Xianming; Vasquez, Carolina; Heguy, Adriana; Liang, Feng-Xia; Woo, Sun-Hee; Morley, Gregory E; Rothenberg, Eli; Lundby, Alicia; Valdivia, Hector H; Cerrone, Marina; Delmar, Mario

Circulation. 2019 Jul 18;

Disruption of Ca<sup>2+</sup> <inf>i</inf> Homeostasis and Cx43 Hemichannel Function in the Right Ventricle Precedes Overt Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy in PKP2-Deficient Mice

Kim, J -C; Perez-Hernandez, Duran M; Alvarado, F J; Maurya, S R; Montnach, J; Yin, Y; Zhang, M; Lin, X; Vasquez, C; Heguy, A; Liang, F -X; Woo, S -H; Morley, G E; Rothenberg, E; Lundby, A; Valdivia, H H; Cerrone, M; Delmar, M

Circulation. 2019 Jul 18; (),(2019):

Tester, David J; Ackerman, Jaeger P; Giudicessi, John R; Ackerman, Nicholas C; Cerrone, Marina; Delmar, Mario; Ackerman, Michael J

JACC: Clinical electrophysiology. 2019 Jan; 5(1):120-127

Montnach, Jerome; Agullo-Pascual, Esperanza; Tadros, Rafik; Bezzina, Connie R; Delmar, Mario

Europace. 2018 Nov 01; 20(suppl_3):iii125-iii132

Trembley, Michael A; Quijada, Pearl; Agullo-Pascual, Esperanza; Tylock, Kevin M; Colpan, Mert; Dirkx, Ronald A; Myers, Jason R; Mickelsen, Deanne M; de Mesy Bentley, Karen; Rothenberg, Eli; Moravec, Christine S; Alexis, Jeffrey D; Gregorio, Carol C; Dirksen, Robert T; Delmar, Mario; Small, Eric M

Circulation. 2018 Oct 23; 138(17):1864-1878

Delmar, Mario; Laird, Dale W; Naus, Christian C; Nielsen, Morten S; Verselis, Vytautas K; White, Thomas W

Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology. 2018 09 04; 10(9):

Sorgen, Paul L; Trease, Andrew J; Spagnol, Gaelle; Delmar, Mario; Nielsen, Morten S

International journal of molecular sciences. 2018 May 10; 19(5):

Berger, Stephen L; Leo-Macias, Alejandra; Yuen, Stephanie; Khatri, Latika; Pfennig, Sylvia; Zhang, Yanqing; Agullo-Pascual, Esperanza; Caillol, Ghislaine; Zhu, Min-Sheng; Rothenberg, Eli; Melendez-Vasquez, Carmen V; Delmar, Mario; Leterrier, Christophe; Salzer, James L

Neuron. 2018 Feb 07; 97(3):555-570.e6