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Mark D. Schwartz

Mark D. Schwartz, MD

Professor, Department of Population Health

Professor, Department of Medicine

health services research, diabetes prevention, health policy

My research focuses at the interface of health services research, primary care practice transformation, and health policy. I lead a VA research team conducting epidemiologic studies of novel predictors of Type 2 diabetes among veterans. I lead a NIDDK-funded R18 randomized trial of a community health worker intervention to prevent diabetes among those with prediabetes at VA NY Harbor and Bellevue Hospitals. I am Co-PI of an HRSA-funded project to transform primary care practice at Bellevue Hospital with a team training intervention. I recently led a VA-funded project; PROVE (Program of Research on Outcomes of VA Education), a controlled trial of panel management support and clinical microsystem education to improve outcomes among veterans with hypertension and smoking. And I was recently Co-PI of an AMA-funded project to integrate health system science education into the medical school curriculum at NYU School of Medicine. I have 20+ years of educational leadership, having led NYU School of Medicine’s General Internal Medicine Fellowship Program since 1995. I directed NYU’s NIH Clinical Research Training Program and founded its Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation Program. I directed the CDC-funded Fellowship in Medicine and Public Health Research. I was founding Director of the Translational Research Education and Careers core in NYU’s Clinical Translational Science Institute. I have been PI of three HRSA-funded Faculty Development Programs in Primary Care grants. I am Co-PI of an AHRQ-funded T32 fellowship in Population Health Science and am Program Director of a HRSA-funded T32 in Primary Care Research. I have successfully mentored numerous faculty, fellows, residents and students.



Academic office

180 Madison Avenue

Ninth Floor, 9-55

New York, NY 10016

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Co- Leader, Intergrative Seminar Course, Master of Science in Clinical Investigation

Leader, Clinical Research Methods Course, Master of Science in Clinical Investigation

Vice Chair, Education and Faculty Affairs

MD from Cornell University

Fellowship, Duke University School of Medicine, General Internal Medicine

Fellowship, New York Academy of Medicine , Bowen Brooks Fellowship

Fellowship, Institute of Medicine, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellowship

Residency, NYU School of Medicine, Primary Care Internal Medicine

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