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Meagan P. Whitney, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

MD from University of Kentucky

Zettl, Rachel Elizabeth; Page, Lindsay E; Bhatti, Saira M; Duong, Karen; Patel, Tulsie; Dykema, John R; Whitney, Meagan; Ayvaci, Emine R; North, Carol S; Sonis, Jeffrey

Behavioral sciences of terrorism & political aggression. 2020; 12(4):307-323

Meagan, Whitney; Ayvaci, Emine R; Bhatti, Saira M; Karen, Duong; Page, Lindsay E; Tulsie, Patel; Zettl, Rachel E; John, Dykema; Jeffrey, Sonis; Pollio, David E; North, Carol S

Peace & conflict : journal of peace psychology. 2019 Aug; 25(3):246-254