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Melissa A. Yee-Chang

Melissa A. Yee-Chang, DO

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pathology

Associate Program Director, Pathology Residency Program

Director, Cytopathology, Bellevue Hospital Center

DO from New York Institute of Technology

Fellowship, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Surgical Oncology Fellowship

Fellowship, NYU Langone Medical Center, Cytopathology Fellowship

Residency, NYU Langone Medical Center, Anatomic Pathology/Clinical Pathology



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Academic office

462 First Avenue

4th Floor

New York, NY 10016

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Wang, Lucy; Yee-Chang, Melissa; Sun, Wei; Melamed, Jonathan; Simsir, Aylin; Shi, Yan

Diagnostic cytopathology. 2022 Jul; 50(7):E203-E209

Belovarac, Brendan; Zhou, Fang; Modi, Lopa; Sun, Wei; Shafizadeh, Negin; Negron, Raquel; Yee-Chang, Melissa; Szeto, Oliver; Simsir, Aylin; Sheth, Sheila; Brandler, Tamar C

Journal of the American Society of Cytopathology. 2022 May-Jun; 11(3):165-172

Shi, Yan; Yee-Chang, Melissa; Sun, Wei; Simsir, Aylin

Diagnostic cytopathology. 2021 Mar; 49(3):439-442

Modi, Lopa; Sun, Wei; Shafizadeh, Negin; Negron, Raquel; Yee-Chang, Melissa; Zhou, Fang; Simsir, Aylin; Sheth, Sheila; Brandler, Tamar C

Cancer cytopathology. 2020 Jul; 128(7):470-481

Shi, Yan; Brandler, Tamar C; Yee-Chang, Melissa; Cangiarella, Joan; Wei, Xiao-Jun; Leung, Allen; Szeto, Oliver; Deng, Fang-Ming; Liu, Cheng Z; Simsir, Aylin; Sun, Wei

Diagnostic cytopathology. 2020 Feb; 48(2):128-137

Brandler, Tamar C; Liu, Cheng Z; Cho, Margaret; Zhou, Fang; Cangiarella, Joan; Yee-Chang, Melissa; Shi, Yan; Simsir, Aylin; Sun, Wei

American journal of clinical pathology. 2018 Oct 01; 150(5):451-460

Elgert, Paul A; Yee-Chang, Melissa; Simsir, Aylin

Diagnostic cytopathology. 2018 Jul; 46(7):593-599

Shi, Yan; Chiaffarano, Jeanine; Yee-Chang, Melissa; Brandler, Tamar C; Elgert, Paul; Leung, Allen; Wei, Xiao-Jun; Cangiarella, Joan; Simsir, Aylin; Sun, Wei

Cancer. 2018 Mar; 126(3):190-199