Michael Locurcio, MD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Asst Director of Medicine Clerkship

MD from New York University

These focus areas and their associated publications are derived from medical subject headings from PubMed.
represents one publication
Chuang, Elizabeth; Ark, Tavinder K; Locurcio, Michael

Journal of graduate medical education. 2012 Mar; 4(1):52-57

Synthesis and reactivity of 2,3-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo[1,2-a]indole derivatives, analogs of the FR900482 and mitomycin C active intermediates

Zhang, WH; LoCurcio, M; Lin, CC; Jimenez, LS

Journal of heterocyclic chemistry. 1996 Nov-Dec; 33(6):1647-1651

Ren M; Villamarin A; Shih A; Coutavas E; Moore MS; LoCurcio M; Clarke V; Oppenheim JD; D'Eustachio P; Rush MG

Molecular & cellular biology. 1995 Apr; 15(4):2117-2124